Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#Write-a-thin check in

My goal--get a good start on the first draft of Willow, book 4 of Anton and Lenora

January is whooshing by, or here in the great white north, skating by. I haven't increased my word count at all this week. In fact, I've taken a giant step backward because I had taken a wrong turn. I was stuck, as sometimes happens in a manuscript. When it happens, I need to sit back and ask myself why. The answer, this time, was clear--I needed to do more research.  I saw the wrong turn, went back, took a deep breath and pulled off the last 2,000 or so words. Sigh. The new words will be better, I think.

I'm also proof reading galleys for Dancing in the White Room. The full length novel comes out March 9 and proofs are the last step before we go to publication. There's some exciting new cover art, too. Stay tuned.

Here's a short snip from Dancing--

Emily goes outside with Chance when we get home. I fry up a couple of burgers and watch her from the kitchen window. She and the dog chase each other through the yard, then  Emily climbs up on her swing set. It’s only a short reach to the lower branch of a huge maple that stands in our yard. She grabs the branch and swings on that, Chance yapping at her heels. I hold my breath a second. A few times she’s climbed up into the tree. Both Bell and I have told her not to, but she’s fearless like her father. Each time I try to stay very calm and tell her to come on down. She can’t understand what the fuss is about.

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