Tuesday, January 28, 2014

#Write-a-thin Check in. Week Four

Sometimes, it seems, the goal posts move. It's the final push in the month-long write-a-thin sponsored by the Women's Fiction Writer's association. I had set writing a first draft of Willow, part four of the Anton and Lenora historical novella series, as my goal for the month. I haven't, and won't make this goal. Primarily, because the book my publishers at TMP had scheduled for a March release is, with a little luck and work, being released early.
The book, Dancing in the White Room, is set in and around skiing. The publisher has hoped to release it to coincide with the Winter Olympics. Which is a fabulous idea. It means I've had to work hard to get my galley proofs (the final edit before the finish line) in a lot sooner than expected.
I've got the galleys done--and, if the fates allow, the book will come out mid-February.
I've got a fabulous new cover, which I can't wait to show off. I hope you'll stay tuned for exciting new updates on the project.
Sometimes, having the goal posts move is not such a bad thing, after all. 

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