Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#Write-a-thin check in

It's week two of the month long write a thin at the Women's Fiction Writers association. The concept is to chose one goal for the month. Mine was to finish a first draft of novella #4 of the Anton and Lenora series, or at least a good portion of the novella.
It was slow going this week. I'm taking Anton and Novella to China this time around and I had to do a bit more research on Shanghai in 1854.
Word wise--I'm up around 6k and we're just about ready for the Willow to weigh anchor.

Here's a bit (unedited) of what I've written--

“Aye, you should. Yet as you have just now admitted, he is not up to the task. You have put yourself and our child in some danger.”
            She turned serious then, her anger and mine both melted with the merriment, and she put her hands to my face and ran her fingers over my brow. “I have faith, Anton. In you and in myself. We have been through a good deal. We have prevailed. And I love you all the more for our trials.”
            I took her into my arms. “It does not due to tempt fate, mon amie.”
            She put her lips to mine. “Faith,” she said before kissing me softly.
             “To lose you would be to lose my life. I could not bear it, Lenora. I could not.”
            “I know, love.” She kissed my brow and ran her lips over my cheek, until my mouth caught hers again.
            Faith, hers and mine, would have to sustain us.

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