Monday, January 2, 2012

Poetry Jam: Can't Hurt Us

 The Challenge at Poetry Jam this week was to write a poem based on music or a song. 

The main character, Cass, in my latest book, Without Wings, is a singer/songwriter. As I always do, I listened to a lot of music while writing the book. Can't Hurt Us isn't based on any one song in particular. It's more a song that Cass might have written.

Can’t Hurt Us

They told us we would burn
If we tried to touch the sun
That our waxen wings would melt
And we would fall

They told us that the road
Was bent by broken dreams
Roadblocks along the way
Made of crushed flying machines

And nothing comes of seeking
Except empty open hands
But baby
They don’t understand

There’s a light down on this highway
We ride with our arms open
There’s a thing alive with feathers
In our hearts
And I’ll hold you in the circle
of  promises unbroken

In the shelter of my arms
There is nothing that can’t be
Nothing that can hurt us

I'm currently searching for a publisher for Without Wings. And writing a few more songs for Cass to sing.
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  1. i really enjoyed your {Cass'} song! she sounds like my kinda girl.

    thank you for sharing at Poetry Jam!
    happy new year
    dani ♥

  2. good luck on your publication ~

    i like the unbroken promises and light down the highway ~

  3. As a songwriter, you seem to be a natural. This was an especially lovely line:
    "There’s a thing alive with feathers
    In our hearts"

    Thanks for adding your voice to the Jam.

  4. I agree with Enchanted Oak above. The words really sang to me. Nice to see you at the Poetry Jam! And good luck with your book.

  5. I am completely stunned by the beauty of your poem. You will find a publisher without a doubt.