Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Five Stars for To the Wind!

To the Wind received a five star rating from Reader's Favorite!

"As in the first novel, Sweet Lenora (Dark Heroes), Ute Carbone captures the reader's interest immediately with an adventurous, emotional tale of a sailor's life on the sea as they follow orders from bosses within the trade business of the California gold rush era. It also tells of incredible love, heartfelt compassion, and the pure admiration a young couple can have for one another. Ute Carbone's To the Wind has a bit of everything in it, making it appealing to many types of readers. It is a short story written so skillfully and descriptively it is as though you are watching a movie screen rather than reading a book." Michelle Robertson for Reader's Favorite Reviews
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To the Wind
The Journey Continues
In this sequel to Sweet Lenora, Anton and Lenora sail away from trouble in Rio de Janeiro only to encounter new problems. With only half a crew and a first mate that is hated and feared, they venture to San Francisco plagued by threats, mutiny,and illness. As they arrive at their destination, the ghosts of the past come back to haunt them and may prove to be the greatest menace of all. At each turn, the love they have forged is tested. Will it prevail?   

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To the Wind has been nominated for a RONE as best historical novella. Reader voting is in a few weeks
Meantime, Reader voting for Afterglow, in the best contemporary (general) category is going on all this week. You can vote HERE

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