Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shared Whispers

Shared Whispers, an anthology of fifteen stories by fifteen writers is going to be re-released on September 2.
While the stories encompass a wide range of genres, from historical, to science fiction, to contemporary, to fantasy, they all have one thing in common--at their core they are stories about the importance of love.

Coming soon from Champagne Books: Sixteen tales of romance, mystery, and adventure
Coming to Champagne Books September 2
  • Beyond Forever, M.W. Davis (contemporary romance)
  • Special Delivery, Linda Rettstatt (contemporary romance)
  • The Journey Home, Linda LaRoque (western romance)
  • The Setup, Victoria Roder (contemporary romance)
  • Going to the Wall for Love, Julie Eberhart Painter (historical romance)
  • Colours, C.J. Fenge (contemporary romance)
  • Solitude, R.J. Hore (romantic sci-fi)
  • Heart of a Rebel, Dani Collins (fantasy)
  • Gods and Zombies, January Bain (fantasy)
  • Life at Full Speed, Ute Carbone (contemporary romance)
  • After the Tears, Angelica Hart and Zi (contemporary romance)
  • Nimue’s Daughter, Rita Bay (fantasy)
  • Cymru Am Byth (Wales Forever), Jude Johnson (historical romance)
  • Frozen Section, Jane Toombs (contemporary romance)
  • Heaven, Elizabeth Fountain (fantasy)

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