Monday, April 9, 2012

A to Z Blogging Challenge: H

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H is for Homage

Homage to the Square Josef Albers


Homage to the Square
at the Currier Museum, Manchester New Hampshire

It catches
my eye--perfect geometric,
a yellow square
with a uniform
yellow shadow.
I wonder that yellow
can be so obedient,
straight as
a number two pencil.
What keeps it from flying
off the canvas and landing
somewhere on the west wall
in a splat of sunlight?
Unbound, it could become
a canary,
or a bee banging
against the muted skylight,
hoping to flee
Euclidean geometry,
to molt
into spilt lemonade.


  1. oh wow! You amaze me when you can write so much about a yellow square. It IS kind of incredible, now you come to mention it...yum lemonade LOL. Well done, Ute!

  2. Thanks Sue. It's a strange little painting in its own way...