Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blogging A to Z Challenge: I

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I is for Islands



The dance of hearts is a volcano.
It erupts in its own time.
Lava is a music that spills
into the ocean until
there are new islands
that rise purple
at sunset and disappear
in the darkness of a maroon sea.

Fire gave them substance.
Now the rocks have been taken
by moss, the seabirds have come
to roost, their multisyllabic song
echoing over cliffs.
Waves foam, their dark mouths
leave salt in scallop shells
on the beach.

In the yellow eye of morning
you sail back
to the island of your making.
You taste the wild berries
strewn upon the southern slope.
You lie on the moss,
inhabiting it like a bird.
You hear
the music of surf
the music of flight
the music of hearts remembering
how to sing. 

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