Tuesday, November 8, 2011

When I was young and empty

I'm joining in at Poetry Jam this week. The idea was to write a poem about windows. This, a piece I've re-vamped and dusted off, actually came from a line of a Galway Kinnell poem titled "Flying Home".
I used the line as a lead-in title and ended up as my childself, staring out the window.

When I was Young and Empty

Chandeliers hung outside my bedroom window.
These were the stars, but I did not know that then.
I held light on the tips of my fingers, my palms
pressed against the pane, my hands spread open
on the glass.
Penlights illuminated each nail.
And within was a fire of my own making:
my blood rising to redden the strata, gathering
light into a lifeline.

For more poems and some lovely photos of windows, visit Poetry Jam


  1. 'I held light on the tips of my fingers' ... what an incredibly lovely concept.

  2. Nice poem. I remember doing this to my fingertips. You have summoned a beautiful image.
    Glad to find you via Poetry Jam.

  3. Very nice scene created here. I love "gathering light into a lifeline."

  4. Thanks for the lovely words, Twinkly and Mary.

  5. hanging stars outside your window is surely lovely.

    beautiful imagery.