Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Small Stuff: Thirteen of my Favorite Little Things

It's November and Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. As the song goes, little things mean a lot. Today I thought I'd reflect on a few small things that I'm thankful for because they make life a little bit better:

Thirteen Wonderful Little Things:

1. The smell of fresh ground coffee beans
2. The strum of silver strings on an acoustic guitar
3. The color of sky before sunset
4. The warmth of sun on a winter day
5. Chocolate.
6. The touch of skin on skin
7. The scent of freshly sharpened pencils
 8. Wildflowers blooming on the side of the highway
 9. The laughter of children at play
10. Fresh baked bread with butter
11. Frost painted on windows and grass
12 Soft kisses
13  Words that come together, sing and fly.

What small things are you thankful for?
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  1. Love so many of the same things! LOL, especially the fresh ground coffee.

  2. I am not a coffee drinker, but I love the smell of coffee too! I love the colors of the sky before sunrise and after sunset. Toblerone and Ferrero are my faves!

    And waking up to the voices of my children!

    ~ Jo's Precious Thoughts ~

  3. I love a lot of the things you listed. I also love the sound of the tea kettle heating up, the brush of my cat's fur on my bare leg, the smile of greeting from a friend, the sound of a book's pages being turned... gee I could go on forever! This was such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

    Happy Thursday!


  4. Chocolate and a guitar are hard to beat. Very nice reflective post.

  5. Thanks so much for stopping by. I also love it when readers comment!

  6. ooooh love your list -- some small things I'm thankful for - hugs from daughter and hubby, purring of my cat on my lap, scent of vanilla