Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thirteen Reasons to Love Electricity

A nor'easter dropped over a foot of snow on our neighborhood last weekend. Heavy wet snow and trees with the leaves still attached made for a power-out disaster. We were without electricity for two days. And we are among the fortunate. Many in our region are still in the dark as of this writing.
So Today, I'd like to do a tribute to electrical power.

Thirteen reasons to love electricity:

1. You can take a shower without getting hypothermia.
2. You don't have to read with a flashlight taped to your forehead.
3. One pair of socks will do you.
4. You and your significant other don't have to act out scenes from Law and Order SVU unless you really, really want to.
5. You won't feel like an idiot every time you flip a light switch
6. You don't have to drive to Barnes and Noble to check your e-mail.
7. You don't have to eat hot dogs and marshmallows every night because they're the only thing you can cook in the fireplace.
8. You don't have to wear a hat because you haven't washed your hair in a week.
9. No more setting the milk out on the deck and hoping the opossums don't find out about it.
10. The coffee maker works!!!
11.No more driving around town all night just to stay warm.
12. It's much easier to write with mittens off.
13. You can link in and do Thursday thirteen. 

Do you love electricity? Add your reasons here!

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  1. My would would crumble if the coffeemaker didn't work LOL!
    We do take things for granted sometimes.

  2. I'm glad you got power back. I hope everyone else in the area wakes to the power back on as well!

    Happy T13,

    Phenomenal Woman

  3. I could live without most of these. But the coffee maker's a must!

  4. I love candlelight - but totally love electricity too (I'd be lost with my laptop and internet)

    Happy Thurs 13

  5. Sorry you were without power! Seems like some power companies need to get their acts in gear. Good list!

  6. Heh heh good post! I think we can all agree that Edison is the man.

  7. Thanks for all the great responses. It is good to have wifi and coffee. Candlelight is nice, but it doesn't keep you warm. And we should give Edison his own holiday, don't you think? :)

  8. I hate it when we lose power. We have a generator which helps a lot, but it is still problematic when the lights are gone. I miss hot showers, hot tea, the computer and everything on it, the electric stove, and microwave. Also it is hard to get the car out of the garage!

  9. True! Hardest thing was the computer, it seems. Please don't take away my internet access!:)