Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

This is a new venture for me! I thought I'd share a bit of Blueberry Truth.
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Here at school, we’re having a summer bash. There’s watermelon, lawn games, and face painting. When the governor’s wife stopped by a few months ago, we managed to impress her with our hard work and dedication. So much so, the governor’s office has donated a bouncy bounce for our bash.
The bouncy is a huge hit. Simon has found something he likes better than swings. I let him spend most of the afternoon bouncing, but it’s bus time now. “Mom will be waiting.” I’ve already got Jared at the ready. I’m pretty sure Simon’s going to pitch a fit. Sure enough, we have to go in after him. And here’s another change in Blue. A month ago, she would have pitched right along with him. Now she stands and waits for me to finish. Jared and I manage to escort Simon to his bus. It’s hot, and I’m already thinking Blue and I will stop at Schlossman’s on the way home for cold cokes. I’m about to bring this up to Blue when Chandra finds me and asks if I’ve got a minute.
Chandra and I go up to my empty classroom. Jared has agreed to wait with Blue. I can see her from the window. She’s on the swings, pumping her legs hard and laughing with Jared, looking so much like any happy little girl that I tear up.
“She’s doing well.”
“We have our moments. But, yes, she’s doing great. With a little luck, she might be ready for a regular school come fall.” In the wildest and most hopeful of my dreams, we send her to St. Mark’s, Mac and I sign adoption papers, and she’s ours. These are things I don’t voice aloud. Not even to Mac.
“I hate to admit this, but I was wrong. You and Mac are the best thing that’s ever happened to that child.”
“She’s worth it.” A creepy premonition follows. And I know without Chandra saying anything. I know. “Her mother.” I’m afraid of the possibility.
“She’s back.”
I watch Blue jump from the swing, a blur of little girl. I’m always amazed at the elasticity in the kids I teach, at how they’re able to come back, time and again, from the worst of circumstances. It’s one of the reasons I stay here. Of course, they can never be entirely fixed. Some scars never go away. All of them strong, though. They manage to go on. Blue Crowley is strongest of the strong. For months, I’ve watched her climb out of darkness. I’ve listened to her cry for her mother. I’ve listened and waited and watched. And just when there’s a respite, just when it seems she might be able to move on, it gets all turned upside down.
“We can’t tell Blue.”
“No, Chandra. Look at her. We can’t send her back there. We can’t. It isn’t fair.”
“Blue’s mother wants another chance. It’s her kid.”
“She gave birth to her. So what? When Blue wakes up at 2 a.m. so paralyzed by fear she can’t move, I’m the one who goes to her. I’m the one who lays in bed with her until she goes back to sleep.”
Chandra watches out the window, not looking at me. “Knowing that doesn’t change the facts. Blue has a right to her mother. And Blue’s mother has a right to her child.”
“No. She has no right. She threw that right away when she left Blue to be abused. She discarded her kid, treated her like some beat-up old recliner. And now she wants her back? No.”
“She’s cleaned up her act. Five months of rehab. She’s clean. She’s trying, Beanie. We have to help her. You’d agree with me if this weren’t about Blue. You know you would.”
I have no answer. Because this isn’t about some other kid. This is about Blue. My Blue. I don’t want to give her up. My Blue. Though she would give me up in a second. She’d leave me for her mother, no questions asked. That’s what hurts the most. “How long?”
“I don’t know. DSS is still doing intake. She’s going to fight for her, Beanie. You should know that.”
Her words start to sink in. I have to let go, and I don’t have a chance.

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  1. Very sad. I'm aware of the problem from both ends. well done

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