Monday, October 17, 2011

Public Readings

One of the downsides of being published in e-book is the lack of public readings. I know, some of you think reading aloud to an audience is about as much fun as having hip replacement surgery. Public speaking is , after all, our number one fear. Bigger even than death. And we've all heard those terrible tales about bookstore signings. You know, I had one person in the audience and that was only because she wandered in to get out of the rain.
But I like reading in public. Sure, it's nerve wracking and it can be disheartening if only two people show, but it also allows you to connect in new ways with your readers. When I was writing poetry, readings were very much a part of the process. It was a quick check on poems- you can tell from the audiences reaction whether you have them hooked or whether they'd rather be out in the rain, even without the umbrella.

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