Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Peek at All Things Returned.

Here's another brief excerpt from All Things Returned the third part of the Anton and Lenora historical series

On that last night before his sailing, as we lay together, Anton kissed the place above my navel and moved his lips to the valley between my breasts. “You are my whole heart.” His voice was as tender as his kisses. “I would sooner die than let harm come to you.”
I ran my hands through his dark hair, made unruly by our lovemaking, and he came to me with such care, whispering his love into my ear. And then passion got the better of us and the urgency of love overtook us like a wave.
I awoke in the darkness to find the sheets on Anton’s side of our bed cool. I called his name, softly at first then more stridently when I got no answer. Getting no answer still, I pulled on my  dressing gown and went to the window. There, I spied him at the back gate of our garden.
Moonlight shone upon him, and had I not known him to be flesh and blood I would have counted him as an apparition, standing there staring out at the sea.

I went to him, the grass wet and cool against the soles of my bare feet. In a moment, he knew my presence though I had not uttered a word. He held out his hand to me and together we stood watching the moon reflect on the silent water below us.

You can find out more about the novella here
And you can buy a copy here

On a side note, the second part of this series, To the Wind, has been nominated for a RONE as best historical novella. Reader participation counts! And you can vote HERE

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