Sunday, March 30, 2014

#SneakPeekSunday All Things Returned

I'm getting excited about the release of All Things Returned, the third novella of my historical romance series.  The book will be out on April 7th. Meantime, here's a little snippet-

Lenora Bourdreaux is happily married to clipper ship captain Anton Bourdreux. But trouble comes while Anton is away and Lenora gets a visit from her past in the form of another young sea captain, Jacob Lowell.

I felt little need to defend myself further and put the print down on the table. “Please leave.”

Jacob came up behind me, pinning me between his body and the table. “Is that any way to treat an old friend, Lenora?” At close range, his breath smelled of whiskey. Still, he was someone I had known since childhood. I thought perhaps I could count on him to act as though we were, indeed, old friends.

“Why are you here, Jacob?”

He took my hair between his fingers. “Sweet girl, I have often thought of you. The softness of your lips and your sweet young body--wasted on a scoundrel.”

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  1. great tension between the two, he does sound like a scoundrel ;-)

  2. Nice interplay between the characters!

  3. Oh oh she better run away, or get a knife from the table or something

  4. Thanks guys. Yup, Jacob is a scoundrel :)