Sunday, November 3, 2013

#8Sunday #SundaySnips All Things Returned
Welcome to 8Sunday and Snippet Sunday, the blog hop where writers post eight sentence of writing.
This week, I'm most excited to announce that All Things Returned, part 3 of Anton and Lenora, will be coming to an e-book store near you in April of next year.
In this historical romance novella, Anton and Lenora have settled in San Francisco. Trouble, though, is never far away. And, in this case, is named Jacob Lowell.

Here's my eight from All Things Returned--

The cause for the sudden stop of motion revealed himself over Anton’s shoulder, where I was assaulted by the ice blue eyes of a man as fair as Anton was dark. A small smile played about his lips, but the eyes stalked me and were cold and hard as sapphires. I had no need to forage my memory to link a name to this intruder. I knew Jacob Lowell well enough. He was captain of the Willow and his family was well known in New England and well acquainted with my own. Once upon a time, he had been a suitor, though then and now I felt him to be a crass man who had too long been given everything he desired.   “May I cut in?” The politeness of his voice did not match the intent in his eyes.

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The first two parts of the Anton and Lenora series are currently available. For more on the series, and all my books, please visit my website and the Anton and Lenora pages.


  1. Great writing, especially the last line! I can just see him standing there with his cold eyes!

  2. Uh oh, he seems ominous and up to no good. Can't wait for more, excellent excerpt!

  3. Is there a polite way to say, "Not in a million years, thanks?" to a request to cut in? If there is, they should probably use it---brrrr!

  4. Oh dear, a man of ill repute attempting to cut into a proper situation. I wonder what will happen should he succeed...

  5. Lots going on in this intriguing well written eight. Thanks.

  6. "The politeness of his voice did not match the intent in his eyes."
    Great line.
    Great 8.

  7. Thanks for the comments! Jacob is the baddie, as you can tell. I'm having fun editing this!