Sunday, September 15, 2013

#8Sunday #SundaySnippets All Things Returned, take one.

This week I finished the draft of All Things Returned, the third novella in the Anton and Lenora series. It's a call for celebration--I've broken out the good chocolates--thought I know it's only the beginning. Soon I'll start the hard work of revision. But for now, a last taste before I ship it off to my editor for consideration.

This is from near the ending--

At dawn’s first light, we rose and went to the garden and watched as the light began to play on the harbor below.
          “We cannot stay,” Anton said. 
          “Our destiny has always been with the wind.” I  laid my head into the hollow of his shoulder. “I had hoped to build a new ship, like Sweet Lenora risen from the ashes. It seems a distant dream now.”
            He threaded his fingers through my hair. “’Tis a fine dream, mon amie."

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  1. Nice 8.
    I've always been a dreamer!

    Dans les rĂªves, votre mine tout le temps que nous sommes ensemble.

  2. What a beautiful 8. It really is a beautiful dream.

  3. I really enjoyed the moment, just a lovely snippet.

  4. Lovely snippet -- the book ends but their story doesn't. Very nice.

  5. Love the sentiment in this snippet. :-)

  6. Ute, your writing is poetic as always. This is lovely; a mood, a dream. So good!

  7. Very sweet scene.
    Congratulation on finishing the draft. :)