Sunday, September 8, 2013

#8Sunday #SundaySnippets: Accusations

 Welcome to another snippet Sunday! I'm still hard at work on All Things Returned, part three of the Anton and Lenora series.
I'm near to the end of my draft, in the exciting final boom of the story's climax. Lenora has been brought in for questioning by the police. who suspect her (falsely of course) of murder. Rumors of another murder don't help her case.Frederick is her solicitor and Mr. Parker the constable--

My blood ran cold. “She need not answer such a charge,” Frederick said before I had recovered my voice.
“We have no policy with Brazil and charges will not be levied. But someone has come forward with the story, about a wealthy investor who was stabbed in the neck.” Mr. Parker raised his eyebrows. “You must admit, the coincidence is remarkable.”
Long had the specter of George Settle’s death haunted me and now it had found the perfect revenge.

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  1. Definitely leaves us wanting to know more! Great snippet.

  2. I love the last line! Very unsettling.

  3. That is not an easy business to get away from.

  4. Such an interesting story, loving all the twists and turns. Another great snippet!

  5. My goodness. The tension is thick...I hope she gets out of this mess and soon!

  6. She seems to be in quite a pickle. Waiting to see what comes next.

  7. Revenge? This is going to be good! Great snippet.