Friday, August 2, 2013

The August Reading Trail

It's August, time for the last installment of the summer reading trail. This month, I'm offering up the opening of Love Letters, the second story in the Lilac Hour trilogy.
You can read the selection  HERE
And check out all the great summer reads HERE

The Lilac Hour is a collection of three sweet romantic stories.

Three Generations of Women          
Three Loves Meant to Last Forever

The Lilac Hour: Sara has been widowed longer than she was married. Now in her eighties, she discovers that anything is possible in the lilac hour.

Love Letters: Maggie rediscovers the letters that her husband Jake wrote long ago. Can she rekindle the passion that was once theirs?

The Road Not Taken: JoAnne meets an old love at Target. Has she made the right choice in choosing her husband David?


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