Monday, June 17, 2013

The Honor of your reading is requested. The Wedding Day Collection

The Wedding Day Collection made its debut over the weekend.  June is the perfect season for weddings and so these stories about them come in right on time. I'm so pleased that my story, Schroedinger's cake, is included in the anthology.

The honor of your presence is requested to the pages of The Wedding Day Collection, an anthology of tales celebrating that love-inspired event. All of these short stories revolve around the romance of the wedding day. From an unexpected bump and an outspoken wedding crasher to a missing groom, we hope these stories will make you smile and warm your heart.

 Schroedinger's Cake is one of eight stories in this anthology. It's a story about a special wedding cake, the baker who created it, and the guy who bumps into her truck and nearly destroys it.
Here are some of my favorite lines from this sweet as dessert romance story--

* Something in the way he said it, like he wasn’t quite sure of himself, or maybe something in the way he stood there, his lanky body resting on one leg as though she were hanging in an art gallery and he was assessing her value, cut through Gina. She would tell him exactly how she felt about cake murder.

*Evan Dunne’s first thought, as he’d watched the compact brunette get out of the Bennetto’s bakery van, was that she was not what he expected.

*Hancock Falls was a small town. There couldn’t be that many weddings on an October Saturday. And there was only one bride in the world who could make another woman want to commit suicide over a cake.

* “Something like that. Since I’ve already made an ass of myself, I figured I could add dork to the list.” He stuck out his hand. “Evan Dunne. Dork ass extraordinaire.”

For more on the Wedding Day Collection, including how you can buy a copy, please click HERE


  1. Hello Ute. Sounds awesome. Congrats on getting your story in the anthology.