Friday, May 17, 2013

What the? Friday: Ten warning signs that your party planner might be a drug lord.

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Have you ever planned a kid's birthday party? Ah, the balloons, the cake, the ice cream, the party games and favors. There's a lot involved, so some parents opt to hire a party planner.
 There are any number of companies who will help you  with your party needs. If you live in the Palm Beach, Florida, area you might use It'z a Kidz World. They have it all: bouncy castles, snacks, even pony rides. And that friendly faced dude with the tattoos who runs the company? He moonlights as a drug lord.

Wikimedia photo

Dilbert Coreas, it seems, has been living a double life. By day, he's a kid's party planner. By night, he's a notorious gangster. His drug cartel, MS-13, specializes in the illegal trafficking of  drugs and humans. They are known for hacking victims with machetes. The story was recently in the New York Daily News. You can read about it HERE

So this week, as a public service to parents with young children everywhere, I've come up with a list of ten warning signs that your party planner might be a drug lord.

1) The horned creature tattooed on his neck is not a buffalo
2) The ponies for the pony rides are actually mules
3) He uses a machete to split the hot dog buns.
5) When he says "say hello to my little friend", he's not  referring to one of the  kids.
6) The pinata is filled with something that looks like cold capsules.
7) The label on the sugar packets read "sweet and high".
8) When he talks about 'heat', he's not talking about the weather.
9) The bouncy castle is bullet proof
10) He insists you pay him with unmarked bills in a brown paper bag.

Hope this helps in planning your next party.

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