Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wednesday Poem: Desert Rose

It's Wednesday again, time for some poetry. Why? Because Wednesday, like all days, is a great day to wax poetic

This poem was inspired, as the name suggests, by my first encounter with desert roses. Desert roses aren't flowers, they are crystal clusters of gypsum and sand. They form in arid conditions, often as the result of salt water evaporation
Sandroses photo by Sven Teschke. For more information on this image, please visit Wikimedia

Desert Rose

Emblem of scarce water, you are born
of evaporation and brittle ground,
the child of lack

Bloom of gypsum,
buds of sand,
your garden is corralled by mesas

Ball of string, will you unravel
when rain pours into the arroyo?

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