Friday, April 12, 2013

P-Town Queen has been selected as Champagne Books Novel of the Year.

I'm very excited, verklemped, overwhelmed and totally chuffed. My romantic comedy, The P-Town Queen has been chosen as Champagne Books Novel of the year!

The P-Town Queen is a crazy romp of a story, set in Provincetown Massachusetts. The heroine is a shark researcher who has lost the grant she had and wants desperately to get another one to continue doing the work she loves. The hero is running from the mob. He's moved to Provincetown, taken an assumed name and is pretending to be gay, because he figures the gangster after him would never look for him in P-Town's gay community. 
The two meet and fall for each other, but neither makes a move. She thinks he's gay and he has to continue to pretend to be gay. And so it goes... 

I think they gave the book the award because, in it, I blow up a dead whale. It's such fun to be a fiction writer!
Here's a snippet from that section of the book.

 At that point, a guy in a jacket labeled SWAT came over. Our new cop friend introduced us.
       “Oh, good,” said the SWAT man, a guy named Herman LeBlanc.“Just the experts we need.” Then he asked, with all due seriousness, how much TNT did we, in our expert opinions, think was necessary to blow up a whale carcass. “We’ve got ten tons under her,” he said, “but we’re thinking
we ought to put down another ten. We want to make sure we get her good, in small enough pieces so the tide can take her out. If we can manage it.”
     Max looked like he was going to have an apoplexy. He put his hands to his head and called the whole idea  imbecilic.
      I, on the other hand, realized that we could call them imbecilic all we wanted. Somebody wanted to blow up a whale and, come hell or high tide, they were going to blow up a whale. Besides which, I do have a little bit of bad girl in me. “Ten more ought to do her,” I told Officer LeBlanc.

For more on The P-Town Queen, including where you can get your very own copy, click HERE


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