Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sweet Saturday Samplers: Schoedinger's Cake

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Hi Sweet Samplers! It's nice to be back on Sweet Saturday. This week, I got the galleys for The Wedding Collection. My short story, Schoedinger's Cake, is one of eight stories in this anthology  about weddings. It's so great to have a galley at hand.

 A wedding cake features front and center in the story.  The amazing cake at the top of the page is the work of Toba Garret. It was the inspiration for this story.   For more about Toba Garret and her cake designs, click HERE or on the cake image at the top of the page. For more Sweet Saturday Samples click HERE

The opening of Schoedinger's Cake:

As the van thumped forward, nearly sending her head through the dashboard, Gina Bennetto’s first thought was that the cake was ruined. Her second thought was more of a plea: please, please, let the cake be okay. The van was solid as an armored truck. Sure, it was older than Fort Knox itself, the odometer had clocked 120 thousand miles before retiring, but it was solid. The crash, though. The crash could not be denied. There had been, following the thump that had sent her body back then forward, a distinctive crash and clatter from the back.
“It’s going to be fine,” Gina told herself again as she pulled the Van into the parking spot at the In-N- Out next to the intersection where she’d been waiting for the light to change. “It’s fine. It’s nothing.” To believe otherwise would be to court disaster. The cake in the back, a four-tier wedding cake done in a replica of the bride’s dress, had taken her a week to create. Eight prototypes had come and gone before she’d managed to get it just right. And it had been just right. It had been perfect. The kind of perfect that made for advertising no money could buy.
If the cake was ruined, her reputation would be ruined along with it. Bonnie DuPont would sue her for ruining the wedding of the century. Because the DuPont-Edison wedding was the biggest thing Hancock Falls, New Hampshire had seen since, well, since forever. Four hundred guests had been invited to the gala affair. The guest list included the governor of the state.
Gina got out of the driver’s seat and walked resolutely to the back of the van. She took a deep breath and curled her fingers around the back door handle. Another deep breath came and went. Then another.

The Wedding Collection is coming to Turquoise Morning Press in June.  

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