Saturday, February 16, 2013

Cover Reveal: Sweet Lenora

Don't you just love my new cover?  Me too!  Sweet Lenora is a bit of a departure for me, writing wise. It's a historical romance novella, set in the 1850's on a clipper ship. 

Here's a what the books about:

Lenora Brewer’s family owns the largest shipyard in Salem Massachusetts and Lenora, as her father’s only living child, is given free rein to learn the business. When Lenora’s father is killed in a carriage accident, her relatives arrange a marriage to a wealthy investor who is rumored to have beaten his first wife to death. Lenora devises a scheme to stowaway on The Sweet Lenora, a ship named for her. 
The last thing Anton Boudreaux needs is a naïve young woman stowing away on his ship. The dark and daring captain has secrets of his own to protect.           
When Sweet Lenora encounters a dangerous storm off the coast of Brazil, Lenora and Anton find in each other the courage and tenacity to brave the elements. As their love for one another grows it becomes a force to be reckoned with—and it will be sorely tested. 

And here's a sneak peek:

His fiery countenance turned my knees to water. He walked to the desk and closed the ledger, then stared at me with a scowl for a good long minute that seemed to stretch to an hour. I wilted under his gaze. He was far taller than I, with broad shoulders and I was frightened of him and desired him at the same time.

            One suitor of mine had been daring enough to kiss me in the apple grove. I remember the kiss as stirring, and though I protested it at the time, a warm feeling had overcome me. It was nothing compared to the feeling that inhabited me now. Heat stung at me and left me feeling pliable in body, my face flushed.

            Yet what choice had I but to stand my ground? I straightened my spine and with all the bravado I could muster to my bones, I returned his unflinching stare.
            It gave me the opportunity to examine him. He was, I could see, not much older than I. His hair was black as a raven’s wing and waved back from a high forehead. His face was bronzed; chiseled and handsome with lines about the eyes from days spent in the sun. And those eyes! Dark as midnight were they, with a depth one could fall into.

Sweet Lenora is part of Champagne Books Dark Heroes Series. It will be released in July.