Monday, August 6, 2012

The Look Challenge

I've been tagged by Jude Johnson in the look challenge. According to the rules, you're supposed to check a current work in progress for the first time you see the word "look" and copy the paragraph here. Next, you tag five more people for the challenge.

I'm tagging the following authors. If you've got a moment or two, check out their terrific sites and stories:

Brinda Berry
Dani Collins
January Bain
Misa Buckley
Krista Ames

My "Look" Blurb is from my upcoming release, Afterglow:
 I should never have given Eva a key to my house. But I had given Eva a key and she was repaying my trust by yelling up the stairs, “Five minutes, India,” as though it were a curtain call. Knowing that there was not the slightest chance that she’d give up and go away, I got up, dug my oldest sweats from the bottom of the hamper, and put on both sneakers.
            “You look like misery’s leftovers,” Eva said when I came down the stairs. I gave her what I thought was a smoldering look, though in truth I don’t smolder well.
            “Let’s just get on with it,” I said.

Afterglow is coming to Champagne Books in January of 2013


  1. Great paragraph, I really like the voice of the character already. Thanks for sharing, sounds like a fun meme.