Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A-Z Challenge: P

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P is for Pemequid

Pemequid at Dusk

The water grows mellow in this light,
invites the azure sky to float.
Birds stop their whistle and perch
over the flame lips of the bay--
the sun dripping body and blood
onto the tongue

Somewhere a city lights artificial stars
and night roars in, a lion with meat in its maw.
Here, a wide swath of heaven is unbolted,
flames darken and the moon blooms
in their ash. Night is soft as eiderdown.

Somewhere neon blinks and ravages sleep.
Here the laughing Pleides hold hands
and frame eternity in the timeless sky
as night tucks water under her garment--
deep and black and patient,
the wind singing from her mouth.

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