Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sweet Saturday

It's Saturday again. How did that happen so quickly? Sadly, I don't have any have any spooky snippets. But I'd love to share the opening of the P-town Queen, coming to an e-book distributor near you in June of next year.

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Chapter 1

            I did not blow up the Mona Lisa. Not only did I not blow up the Mona Lisa- an old leaker of a boat whose blowing up could be construed as a favor to the aptly named Rusty Cook- I did not blow up any part of Rusty’s marina. My brothers will, of course,
say otherwise. They had quite the laugh at my expense over coffee at Ella’s Place.
            Rusty had been on the lookout for a boat for me. A good fishing vessel, I’d told him. And a cheap one, because God only knew how much money I’d be able to squeeze out of the Massachusetts Bay Commission for the research grant proposal I’d spent three long months laboring to produce.
 It had taken a lot of gumption and crow-eating to get to a place where I could consider buying a boat.  The head of the commission was Ned Anderson.  Ned, a brilliant shark researcher in his own right, had tumbled a long way: to full time administrator of a bullshit state commission. Though to hear Ned say it, it wasn’t a tumble but a reward for all the years he’d spent roughing it on a California channel island- an island that only had electricity every other day- in order to unlock the mystery of white shark feeding behavior. I had spent five years on that island with Ned. We were married at the time.

P-town Queen: Coming to Champagne Books  
Blueberry Truth available now from etopia press


  1. Oh my, this Ned is going to get it in the neck sooner or later, methinks. Great sample. Did he blow uo the harbour?

  2. This is a fabulous excerpt! (I love boating - you had me at hello, LOL). Your voice really shines here. :c)

  3. Awesome first line! Drew me right in. Would love to read more!

  4. Great opening line that raises lots of questions. Just these few paragraphs have shown lots of opportunities for future mayhem. Can't wait to read more!

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely comments! This book was a lot of fun to write.
    @ Sherry- Ned didn't blow up the boat, but he is a thorn in poor Nikki's side.

  6. Great first paragraph! Love the first line especially. Makes me want to read on! When is this one coming out?


  7. Thanks Jude! It will be out next June.

  8. I love the last line! Looks like a great conflict. Dealing with exes is always a strain.

  9. The last line is the clincher. Bet there's going to be some interesting sparks flying between them

  10. Really entertaining POV and some catchy lines!

  11. So they're not married anymore? What happened? Great sample. :) Can't wait to read more!