Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dingaling Kerching Kerching!

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My friend Harriet said it best. I had just told her that I'd been to Las Vegas for the first time, that though I found the place kind of fun and interesting it was...well. "System overload," she said. "I've always come back from there needing to unwind."

And yes, that's it exactly. There is an excitement to the place, bells go off and lights whirl around and music plays and things flash and there are people everywhere. There seems to be, however, not one quiet corner in the  whole place.

We had come, my husband and I because of a conference (his). I was within a hair's breath of finishing the draft of a new book- so I figured that while he was away doing his conference thing, I could busily type along and finish.  I holed up in the room to do just that and two interruptions by housekeeping (who could not imagine why I wanted to be holed up in my room) later I was done.

The irony here is that in the book, the main character Cass had been offered a chance to work in Vegas- for a lot of money. She had turned it down- adamantly.. When I put an earlier draft out to beta readers, they wanted to know why somebody would turn down big bucks in sin city.  The why needed to be explained and this is one of the things i did in that hotel room.
Honestly, it was harder to write the I hate Vegas spiel having been there. I don't hate Vegas. It has it's own sort of strange appeal. I mean how can you hate a place where they give you free drinks while you play slot machines?
Fun, in it's own way, but by the end of the week I was on ding-ding overload. All those bright lights! All that kerching-ding-pop! All those people! I needed a vacation.

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