Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New Hampshire State Poem

My friend and fellow poet Andre Papillon  is hoping to get  his poem, "New Hampshire Impressions" named as New Hampshire's first state poem.
Andre has been interviewed by the Nashua Telegraph for an article about the poem. So if you live in the Nashua area, check the paper!

New Hampshire Impressions

This bridge of land has been unlocked
From careful hand to masts of rock
That loom and stretch the ribboned road
Has quarried most, that green she coats
Then inks to black where eyes of doe
Flit swift and cold near boulder’s throne

By cutting gullies, frothing white
The heads of moss poke holes through night
And burdened there with cat-like eyes
Are sparkler brights on country heights
Whose patient rovers crossing lanes
Drop tracks of rolls and coffee stains

This one grand slope that furrows time
That grapples sky with mountain’s light
It’s bands of silver etching through
What rings of birch have leaned askew
The bridge holds true, it cups and throws
The bedrock falls to silt and stew

Where simmering we see her toil
A family sown in land’s deep soil
A cloud of crow, a wash of dove
Round heights that ice has gripped above
And soon to rinse her granite face
That rain has carved with cunning grace

Into a shallow water’s trough
Grand spectacle greets fish and moth
That boats could swell in mirrored sounds
Their waning cries call dusk to shrouds
Bathe valley steeple crowned with white
Poke spires round God’s pristine sight

Prod fingers clay that belch and steam
Hold weary workers heads to dream
Call clouds to boil in heaven’s hand
Calm fears that strive to understand
That faith and stone are shaped the same
Beneath this lion’s fiery mane 

Andre Papillon

If you'd like to help with this campaign and you're on facebook,  you can put "New Hampshire Impressions" in the search section and then like Andre's poem. 

If you're in New Hampshire, you can also write your  local representatives in support of the poem. 

Good Luck Andre!

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