Friday, May 9, 2014

WTFriday. New Gadget division--The Motorized Ice Cream Cone

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photo from Gadgets Network
What better way to enjoy a hot summer afternoon than with a cold scoop or two? But you know how it is on those shirt-stick-to-your-back days. It's haaaard to moooove. You get kinda lazy and all you want to do is lie there and adsorb the sun. Who has the energy to turn to cone?
Fret no more, dear friend, the solution is at hand. Hog Wild, the inventive toy and gizmo geniuses who brought you the talking Moo Mixer and the twirling spaghetti fork have devised a motorized ice cream cone. Just turn it on and stick out your tounge. Yum.

PS if licking becomes to arduous, I can be hired for a nominal fee. You supply the Cherry Garcia.


  1. That looks like it might get messy if it's hot enough for the ice cream to melt!

    1. Ha! Nick, it says it the description that it has a rim to catch spills. (Look at me, I'm a spinning cone gizmo saleswoman now.) Of course, the motor gizmo could malfunction and spin too fast and--oh, that's a fab idea for a comedy scene.