Sunday, October 20, 2013

#8Sunday #SundaySnips: The Hill

Welcome to the Sunday Eight, the blog hop where writers post eight sentences of a writing project or a published book.
I'm nearly ready to send Dancing to the White Room back to my editor for another round. The book is a full length women's fiction about the love we keep and what makes it precious.

The main character, Mallory, is a ski patrol woman at Whiteface Mountain, a place she refers to as 'the hill'. Here's a little bit of description--

photo by Tina Phillips

It’s the last day of February and there’s a heavy fog here this morning that sticks to the mountaintops. The chairlifts disappear into it. Tomorrow, we’ll turn the calendar page, but it won’t be spring here, not yet. Just a mix of cold and the warm trying to get born. Spring comes slowly here, the transition unruly and guarded; more snow, some wind, then the mud will come and muck up our front steps and suck at our boots. Another month will pass and there’ll be a quick step to heat and black flies, while summer waits in the wings.
I love this time of year on the hill. The days are longer and warmer, the crowds thin to a die-hard few, the craziness in all of us comes out and we ski in shorts and tank tops, the moguls are thick, the slush like syrup, deep and heavy.

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Dancing in the White Room is due for release by Turquoise Morning Press in March of next year. For more on the book and my other work, please visit my website  


  1. Very nice! The words used to describe the setting pulled me right in. Well done!

  2. Nice description. Very visual. I'm a skier and can relate completely, including the blackflies! Well done :)

  3. I feel very wintry now, an excellent excerpt, great description!

  4. Nice post. It has such a gentle feel to it.

  5. Such wonderful imagery in this snippet. Beautiful.

  6. Such vivid imagery as if painted on canvas. Recalls memories of old man winter's foolhardy attempt to hang on just a little longer. :)

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