Monday, April 16, 2012

A-Z Challenge: N

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N is for Nighthawks

after Edward Hopper

The big picture window of Phillie's diner
is a yellow welcome climbing out of shadow,
an island in the dream of three am,
swimming out through deep grates and lattice work.
Phil is working the counter in a white uniform,
old as the place and polite as you please.
You perch on the stool in a bright red dress,
your man sitting next to you.
His fedora catches light on the brim.
Its three am and you in your straight-seamed nylons
and he in dress coat and tie
hum late night conversation,
words warm as coffee,
inside the plateglass. And beyond,
the lip of darkness pouts in shadows.

This is the way it was,
a world liquid under glass,
while the avenue was dark with stars 


  1. Nighthawks is one of my favourite paintings. There is such a lot of story in that picture.

  2. I love Edward Hopper. There is something about his paintings that begs for story.

  3. You did that so well. I thought at first it might be a Norman Rockwell. You're right, the story demands to be told. I wonder if the lone man has anything to do with the couple?

  4. Thanks Sue. His paintings are inspirational. Oh oh, another story challenge? who is that guy and what's he doing in the diner?