Monday, January 16, 2012

Chances Are

At the opening of Blueberry Truth, Beanie has planned a romantic evening. Her husband, Mac, has an emergency at the hospital where he practices. Beanie's not happy about being stood up.

 Johnny Mathis has sung “Chances Are” four times now, and chances are not awfully good Mac will be home anytime soon. I try to be sympathetic; Mac is a pediatric cardiologist. His high-pressure job has irregular hours, and he’s stood me up before, though always with good reason. Mac wouldn’t be Mac if he didn’t go the extra mile for his patients. But despite all his good intentions, I’m about ready to throttle him.

 "Chances Are" was first released in 1957 and has been a favorite with romantics ever since. Here's Johnny Mathis, singing the original version.

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